Visit Lensmansstova B & B

The Lensmannsstova lodge at Hellesylt, in the Fjord District, Norway, is a genuine, wooden house from about 1890.

The house, situated on a farm, has recently been redecorated and restored to its original style and represent lots of old, familiar story. The farm is owned by Hans Hole and his wife Synnøve. They both, and their children as well, take part in the daily farming with sheep and cows.

The Lensmansstova lodge has nice rooms which is well suited for both holiday living, meetings, business and intimate concerts. In addition, it is possible to stay overnight for groups at up to 10 people.

The house is situated in magnificent Sunnmøre nature, with good opportunities for short and long hikes or ski trips. Norwegian Alps with spectacular Hornindalsrokken, Kvitegga, Slogen and Skruven lies between 2-30 minutes drive by car from the farm.

The Lensmannsstova lodge is beautifully situated on Lillebø, along Fv 60, five kilometers from Hellesylt in the direction of Stryn. From Hellesylt take a ferry to Geiranger through the beautiful World Heritage Geirangerfjord. In addition, one can head to the unique Norangdal, with its steep mountains and lakes, ten minutes by car, and on to Øye, Sæbø and Volda. Hellesylt is located 50 km from Stryn, 30 km from the beach and two hours from Ålesund.

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